Game Artist

Hi, I'm An! I love to make colorful and playful art and explore different art styles.My work ranges from 2D to 3D, from conception to final game assets and shaders.Don't forget to add a sprinkle of stars.:*+☆

Skator Gator 3D

Environment Art

New Lands

Bachelor Project

What I worked on:

everything from concept to game ready assets
- Environment Art
- Technical Art (Shaders, Tools)
- Character and Animation

What I worked on:

- Style Concepts
- Environment Assets
- UI Assets
- Frame Animations

Dot's Home

Background Art

What I worked on:

- Redesigning Backgrounds
- Concepting new Locations
- Background Art
- Assets for in-game use

** **

Internship | Photogrammetry, Retopology, 3D Art

2018 - 2019

What I worked on:

- Making scans for objects
- Retopology
- Texturing (and a bit of modeling)
- Preparing Assets for in-game use


various smaller projects (mostly student works)

1h studies (or less...)