Upstream is a high-score based 2D mobile game in which the player helps a ladybug go against the river’s growing current. The player moves the ladybug from leaf to leaf by swiping and has to keep an eye out for leaf-eating dragonflies.¬†As this was our first project, we decided to keep a reasonable scope and make a game built around one core mechanic.

Project Title: Upstream
Time Frame: 2017/04-2017/07
Game Engine: Unity3D (2D)
Platform: Tablet, Android
Team Size: 3 People
Team Name: AnDaKa


Visual Direction

Game Assets

My main responsibilities were visual direction and producing game assets.

A screenshot of the prototype was used to create a fake screenshot, which in turn acted as a base for the game’s visuals. Based off that design, I created the game assets for Upstream.

We were entrusted with our own room and took care of it for a great work environment!

Personal study journals were used to note down everything from one’s own ideas and work to feedback and more.

Other students occasionally took a look at our prototypes and shared their thoughts with us!


These are some of the game assets I made for Upstream.