‘cubique’ is a highscore based 3D puzzle game in which the player rotates cubes to create a path through them. The player switches between two views to collect his ‘Minis’ (which act as points) and transport them back to a safe place.

Project Overview

Project Title: cubique
Time Frame: 2017/10-2018/02
Game Engine: Unity3D
Platform: PC + Controller
Team Size: 4 People


Game System Design


Production Design

While my main role in this Project was implementing the Game System and making sure that it was communicated clearly, I had my hands in all other parts of the production, too!

Apart from making color and design concepts for the cubes themselves, I also took part in producing and implementing the final textures.

Since we quickly decided on a game mechanic and system, we were able to build the first prototypes early on.

While trying to implement all the features, we neglected how they communicated with the player and only noticed after the first play tests after interim. So our biggest challenge was to make the features clear to the player. With the time we had remaining, we tried to communicate the controls and mechanics as best as we could by implementing feedback, guides and simplifying the controls and implementing a clearer color coding. This project made me more aware of the importance of clarity in design and communication and how valuable play tests are. I will make use of the newly gained knowledge in projects to come.


We produced most of the game in the provided rooms/studios to exchange ideas and discuss the next steps in the plan.


The textures were painted analogous, edited in Photoshop and then tested and adjusted for use in Unity.


In our regularly held coaching with professors and other groups, we have shared feedback and progresses on our projects.

Although cubique was not the easiest game to understand, we were able to make major improvements, so that cubique could be an enjoyable game, thanks to the feedbacks of so many people and testers and the opportunity to exhibit it at HIVE:FIVE.