Character Design Project

Sun Yu (孙雨)

“If you aim for 3rd, you will come in 6th.”

Tired of the constant pressure of school and competitions, our heroine decides to take a break, but is caught in her attempt to run away from home in China. As a result, Sun Yu is thrown into HongKong’s neverending fight for autonomity. Sent out to spy on hongkongese enemy groups as ‘RAIN’, she starts to question the righteousness of the side she is on.


Project Overview

Maquette (1st Semester ) & Character Concept Illustration (2nd Semester)

Teenage Spy – HongKong 2020

Our first project was to create a character for a fictional 3D Action RPG from scratch. We were given two themes to choose from and had to decide setting and setup ourselves.

The design was then used to build a maquette, which later on was photographed and served as a base for the character concept illustration.

Based on research on the location I did some sketches to get a feel of the theme and character, and for different setups –

In the end, I decided to go with a rather simple and functional design

The maquette was modeled using ‘Sculpty’ and an aluminium construction.

We started off modeling the body and then layered the clothes on top.

Photos of the maquette were made, then I did a greyscale paintover to get the values down first. After that, I added some color and tested different color schemes before finishing up the final illustration.